Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paulo Coelho Maktub Free Download English Version

The author of The Alchemist collaborated for several years with the Brasilian newspaper “Folha de Sau Paulo”. Maktub is like the result of this

collaboration. Coelho gathers several stories inspired from legends of folklores very diverse. It’s a new way to meet the wisdom of the Human Soul and a good opportunity to think. Maktub was published 10 years after The Alchimist, and once again we are under the sway of Paulo Coelho’s words. You may wonder what is his secret besides being a good writer ? He has a real gift and a great talent to explain in an obvious way, without religious considerations, the Man, the world, and the relationships in between them.

In Maktub, we are shown small stories that tell us more about what life wants to share, however this is possible only if we open our heart to it. “Maktub is not a book of advice”. Review by Marilou González

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